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I do see Stefan’s willingness to erase Elena as the death knell for their romantic relationship. Because what he said in that moment is that she doesn’t matter to him if she isn’t in love with him, and that is something Damon has never said – not even for a second – no matter how not-chosen he has been – no matter how much her words have hurt him. He has never left her. He has never really wanted to. He couldn’t if he tried, to be honest. The really important thing about Damon/Elena is that she matters so much to him in such a fundamental way, that her friendship was enough for him, even if his heart broke about it every day. Stefan could have that friendship with her, if he wanted it. Matt has it, because he decided it was worth having, because he is fucking beautiful and wonderful and kind and decent. And I can’t help contrasting his memorial to Elena Gilbert ,”a fun girlfriend and an amazing friend,” with Stefan’s all or nothing attitude to her now. Yes, he’s hurting. I get that. But Elena said, under compulsion to tell the truth, that she still loved him. That should mean something to him, whether she’s in love with his brother or not.
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Was I the only one thinking that Stefan sounded like the angry wife when her mother-in-law comes visit; he was like: “Your mother is back” *fake smile*

in the right top gif it looks like stefan is doing a really intricate dance.

which involves skipping in circles.


No, Damon - not because you ‘owe’ him, because you love him, because he’s your brother.

I’m cautiously optimistic that Season 3 maintains that [dark side]. I don’t know what’s going to happen because they don’t tell us anything. I hope he doesn’t turn good, you know, episode two he’s like ‘Ah, what am I doing? Elena!’ and he starts crying.

Paul Wesley on Stefan in Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries

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It’s in my contract that I have to whisper. If I go above a certain octave, I get electrocuted.
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30 Day Challenge TVD

Day Three: Your Favorite Friendship:
Caroline and Stefan. They haven’t had many moments lately, but it’s nice. No drama—an anomaly on this show.